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Zach Dawes
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Full name

Zachary Edwin Dawes


July 2, 1985

Zachary "ZachDawes is an American songwriter musician, engineer, and technician, best known as the bassist for the bands Mini Mansions and The Last Shadow Puppets. He has also made contributions to music by The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, Lisa Marie Presley, Arctic Monkeys and Kimbra, among others.

Work with Lana Del Rey[]

Del Rey stated in a couple of interviews she worked with band The Last Shadow Puppets; consisting of Zach Dawes, Alex Turner (of the Arctic Monkeys), Miles Kane, James Ford and live members Loren Humphrey (of Florence + The Machine) and Tyler Parkford on an unreleased collaboration album. She described the project as "a little rock band on the side. It kind of didn't go anywhere but we had a good time".

From these sessions, the song "California" was reworked and included on Del Rey's album Norman Fucking Rockwell and features Zach Dawes as a producer and piano player as well as co-members of The Last Shadow Puppets; Loren Humphrey and Tyler Parkford as musicians. The song "Thunder" leaked on 2020 was also from these sessions according to the leakers.

On October 2020 at a book signing at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in L.A. she told some fans she worked with Dawes on the track "Dealer"; a song she was considering to tentatively include on the album Chemtrails Over the Country Club as track eight.


Songs from Norman Fucking Rockwell (2019):[]

  • "California"
    • Production role: Songwriter, Producer.
    • Instrumentation: Piano.

Songs from American Standards and Classics (2020):[]

Songs from Blue Banisters (2021):[]

Songs from Unreleased The Last Shadow Puppets Collaboration album (2017):[]

  • "Thunder" (Demo)
  • "Dope"
  • "California" (Demo)
    • Production role: Songwriter, Producer.
    • Instrumentation: Piano.
  • "Loaded" (Released by Miles Kane featuring vocals by Lana Del Rey)
    • Instrumentation: Bass.