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Lana Del Rey as Lizzy Grant
Writer(s) Lana Del Rey
Producer(s) Unknown
Recorded 2006
Length 3:28
From Unreleased Logo.png

"Your Band Is All the Rage" is an unreleased song by Lana Del Rey. It was recorded in 2006 and leaked on August 8, 2013. It is not registered on BMI, ASCAP, or any other service.


  • Having a boyfriend in a band is also a main theme in "Brooklyn Baby".


I think we're losing what we used to have, you know
You loved me better one year ago, mm-mm, oh
Don't let me down
Don't let me down so low

But I won't be ashamed if you leave me
I won't be all that mad if you go
'Cause I know, yes, I know

You always spendin' all that stupid time with your band on the road
But your band is all the rage, so I've been told

But you can still come home
You can still come home when you want

And I won't be ashamed to take you back and
Won't be ashamed to put a kiss on your lips
'Cause I know, I know

Boy, don't call me up quickly on the phone
It's been five nights since I heard the tone of your voice
You act like everything's alright
But we both know
We both know that's it's not

And it's far from ever bein' good again
But I'm gonna love you forever
If you come back, I'll take you back in, baby
Back in, baby
Back in, back in

I love you more than I will even know
You're so special, I guess that's why you got it where you go

But when you get real big, baby
Remember that little ol' cowgirl waitin' for you back
In that Red River Valley
Waitin' back in that Tallahassee

I love you