Lana Del Rey
Writer(s) Lana Del Rey
Producer(s) Rick Nowels
Recorded 2015–2016
Length Unknown
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"Yosemite" is an unreleased song by Lana Del Rey. It was written and recorded sometime between 2015 and 2016, and any co-writers or producers of the song are unknown. The song was set to be featured on her fifth studio album and fourth major-label studio album, Lust for Life,[1] but was ultimately cut from the final tracklist.

Background and releaseEdit

Del Rey talked about the song during an interview via phone for BBC Radio 1 on April 19, 2017. She stated that it is a stripped-back love song and was done in a single take, similarly to "Pretty When You Cry":

“I kinda want to dig into a little bit more of the acoustic side of the record… like I have a track called 'Yosemite' which I really like - which is just a little more laid back, kind of a love song that I did all in one take in the room.”

In an interview for V magazine during 2017, she stated that it was her favorite song from Lust for Life. Despite talking about the song in various interviews, it was ultimately cut from the final tracklist. According to Del Rey, "it was just too happy" for the record.

On July 26, 2017 at her Amoeba Hollywood show, Del Rey responded to a fan question asking if she would ever release any of her leaked or unreleased songs. She expressed her desire to potentially release "Yosemite" along with "The Next Best American Record" as "folk singles" because they would not "start the new record." She went on to add that she has thought about releasing a record of her 25 favorite "leaked songs," but wasn't sure if it would be a good idea.

Live performancesEdit

Del Rey sang a brief a cappella snippet of the song at her Lust for Life listening party and performance hosted by Spotify at No Vacancy in Los Angeles, California, on July 20, 2017.


I'm no longer a candle in the wind

We did it for fun, we did it for free
I did it for you, you did it for me
We did it for the right reasons


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