Mark Williams and Sara Hirakawa (known simply as Willams + Hirakawa) are a couple who both photograph fashion and editorial material together. They have been working together for many years and are famed for their editorial work in various magazines around the globe. They did a photoshoot with Lana Del Rey in 2013 that was featured on the cover of Fashion for their Summer issue in 2013.

Shoot #1 (May, 2013)

  • Camera - P40
  • Camera manufacturer - Phase One
  • Location - Unknown
  • Stylist - Heidi Meek
  • Fashion direction - Zeina Esmail
  • Fashion assistant - Melissa Watanabe
  • Creative consultant - Johnny Blueeyes
  • Manicure - Ashlie Johnson
  • Hair - Anna Cofone
  • Makeup - Pamela Cochrane

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