Haecandrome Haecandrome 24 March

New Wiki rules and Speculation

Hi everyone,

You may not have seen it, but I made a discussion post earlier letting everyone know about our new Wiki Rules page.

Just to add onto this, I've also made a few updates to our site policies to make them more clear. As part of this, I've also finally finished the Speculation template, which I'll discuss more about below.

While I've personally always tried to be firm on our sites stance against rumour or speculation by insisting that articles only include information that comes from an official source, it's become clear over the past few months and years that operating like this simply isn't possible. Many years ago now, there were multiple fans of varying reliability who would make all manner of claims - often about unreleased musi…

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Haecandrome Haecandrome 13 January

New Theme!

With the imagery for Chemtrails now out, I've gone ahead and updated our theme to match. You'll see a brand new Lanapedia logo in the new official font, as well as chemtrail-themed pictures for our background and header. It seems Lana is heading back to her old movie-style aesthetic, so we've gone back to black and white for the first time since Ultraviolence (I think).

This is only a quick blog post just so there's a central place to discuss the new theme. Let me know if you're experiencing any issues or if there's something you really think should be changed. Hope you all enjoy, and thank you to our editors, new and old, who have kept this site up-to-date with all of the latest news about Lana's music!

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Haecandrome Haecandrome 6 October 2020

Fan Information

Hi all!

I hope we're all well despite the ongoing crises in the world. I wanted to make this blog post to start a discussion about fan information. As a long-standing policy, we've been pretty strict on information that hasn't come from an "official" source (i.e., Lana, her team or her producers), but I've noticed a strong trend against this policy at the moment. Rather than blanket undo and remove all of this info, I've been trying to think of ways to input this information while letting readers know that they should be taken with a grain of salt. I'd like to hear the community's opinion on what to do, so please comment with your perspective if you have time. I've broken down some thoughts below.

Because this wiki includes a host of article…

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Haecandrome Haecandrome 9 March 2016

Request to the Community for Adoption

Hi everyone!

I've recently discovered that despite being an admin on this Wiki for around three years now, I'm actually not a member of a group called "bureaucrats". This is an important position on this Wiki as it allows a user to affect other users' account rights (such as getting other admins or moderators). We currently do have two bureaucrats that I know of, our other admin on this wiki Lizzygrant, and the founder Lanadelrey, but unfortunately our other admin hasn't been active here for over a year and the founder only made one edit years and years ago and was never seen again. With this in mind, I hope the community will support me in putting forward and application to adopt Lanapedia and create an active bureaucrat position, as well …

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Haecandrome Haecandrome 17 June 2014

Introducing: Navbox album!

While just browsing our wikia for information I realised how annoyingly difficult it is to navigate song pages for each album and was reminded of navigation boxes on other wikias. With this in mind I've created Template:Navbox album which we can now use to make navigation boxes for all of Lana's albums. If you wanna see it in action, scroll down to the bottom of the Ultraviolence article or any of the Ultraviolence songs. It has links to the main album, the booklet, the singles, the credits and now also the producers as well as all of the songs.

I've added "[Album] producers" and "[Album] writers" as a new category so feel free to go add to these categories where fit.

If you want to edit the Ultraviolence navbox, you can find it in it's own …

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