GodKnowsITried…to find a username

  • I live in the world
  • My occupation is Full-time Lanatic
  • I am an obsessed fan
  • GodKnowsITried…to find a username

    1 Gramma (Blue Ribbon Sparkler Trailer Heaven) G (BRSTH)

    2 This Is What Makes Us Girls (TIWMUG)

    3 F****d My way Up To The Top (FMWUTTT)

    4 Music To Watch Boys To (MTWBT)

    5 Coachella- Woodstock In My Mind (C-WIMM)

    6 When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing (WTWWAWWKD)

    7 God Bkess America- Anspd All The Beautiful Women In It (GBA-AATBWII)

    If I missed one tell me on my message wall :)

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  • GodKnowsITried…to find a username

    Hundred Dollar Bill, Brite Lights From Lana Del Ray, Pawn Shop Blues from Lana Del Ray, Million Dollar Man from Born To Die, American From Paradise, Old Money from Ultraviolence, Black Beauty from Ultraviolence, Pretty much the whole Honeymoon album, Love from Lust for Life, 13 Beaches from Lust for Life, White Mustang from Lust for Life, and Get Free from Lust for Life

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