Hello everyone!

It is been over 2 years since I am editing and writing articles on Lanapedia and I have to say that it quickly became my favourite wikia! :)

I love the fact that no matter how hard we try to fix everything there will always be new articles to write because Lana Del Rey is a very prolific singer and there are always songs that leak or a new album ready to be released. But what I love the most is the way Lanapedia looks (design, background, the main page etc). For me, everything looks perfect and it really invites guests to contribute and read interesting facts about songs, albums, Lana herself and so on.

Finally, I would like to thank to the staff of this wikia for always being kind and supportive with me and for their professional collaboration. It really makes a difference when there are people that appreciate your work and suggest ideas to improve it.

Thank you so much again and see you around! :)

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