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Unreleased The Last Shadow Puppets Collaboration is an unreleased album by Lana Del Rey and the English supergroup The Last Shadow Puppets, consisting of Alex Turner, Miles Kane, James Ford and Zach Dawes, recorded in 2017. Many details regarding the project, including its title, are not known.


On September 6, 2019, in an interview for NME magazine, Del Rey spoke about how "California" was written and produced, mentioning that she and the group created a whole album during this process, with "California" being part of it, but later reused for Norman Fucking Rockwell!.

"We had a little rock band on the side,” she explains. “It kind of didn’t go anywhere but we had a good time." Then she casually slips into conversation that the group, which also included Kane, made a whole album together. “It’s never…” she begins when asked when we can hear it. “We were very messy! But it’s cool ‘California’ made it on there – I feel like it’s a little piece of our friendship band."[1]

Currently, it is unknown how many songs were recorded for the album. On June 15, 2020, when "Thunder" leaked, it was confirmed by insiders to be part of the project and that 4 mixes were recorded, the first mix being the leaked one. Other speculated titles by insiders are "Dope", which was recorded in 2017 and is described as an unfinished song, and "Under Your Skin". The latter title was proven to be fake some time in 2021.

Upon leaking in September 2021, "Dealer" was confirmed by a reliable insider to have originated from this project, and appears unchanged[2] on Blue Banisters.

A version of "Yes to Heaven" produced by James Ford in 2017 is said to exist, meant for both the said unreleased album with The Last Shadow Puppets as well as Chemtrails Over the Country Club. It was later revealed by an insider that this version of the song was the one that leaked on February 12, 2018, the version previously thought to be for Honeymoon.

Kane did an interview in January 2022 where he confirmed "Dealer" and "Loaded" came from the same recording session. “We did so many songs [...] I think I was sorting flirting about putting it on an album, then she was, and then I got a call a few months back where she said she wanted to stick that out,” he says about the Blue Banisters track. “That was the one song from the demo’s we did that had something really special, and it’s so real. The way she comes in and soars on her vocal is something that I think nobody has ever heard before. I like that she’s just kept it as the original demo we did when we wrote it.” he added.[3] "Loaded", a song by Miles Kane featuring background vocals by Del Rey, was reused and released as a part of his third solo studio album, Coup de Grace.

Kane elaborated on how much they wrote together during those sessions, “There’s quite a lot, y’know. Probably enough for an album, we’d still need to finish some bits off, but there’s definitely some completed tunes.”[3]

As of May 2022, the album's tracklist has yet to leak. It's also unknown whether the album actually had a tracklist, as its also possible that the project was abandoned without a proper consensus on one.

Confirmed songs[]