Lana Del Rey
(as May Jailer)
Writer(s) Lana Del Rey
Length 3:35
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Sirens track listing
"Dear Elliot" "Peace"

"Try Tonight" is an acoustic song by Lana Del Rey, written and recorded under her previous stage name May Jailer. It is the eighth track from her unreleased demo album Sirens and the seventh track from her unreleased demo EP From the End. It leaked online on May 31, 2012, alongside the other contents of Sirens.

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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Can't put my finger on it, but I know I want it
I'm willing to try another way
That is, if I get by another day
Back and forth, I don't get anywhere
And I've been searchin' everywhere

And I'll try tonight
Just try tonight

Happy as the moon-shine sifting in the nighttime
Clichés find a home inside of him
When he enters, all of the lights go dim
He's so sure he got a tragic lifestyle
And I'm so sure I can make that man smile

Now, I'll try tonight
Just try tonight

A dark room in the nighttime
Is how he spends all his time
If he could go on without your help
Then he would do it all by himself
But I don't think he got strength to muster
And he don't got a lot, lackluster

He'll try tonight
To not get high
He'll try tonight
To not get high

But he will, he will
He will, yes, he will, mm

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