• Hey, how do you know that Facebook post is from ' way before ' 2013? it doesn't show a year in the screenshot but it's safe to assume that it's from 2013 (possibly 2014?). Honeymouns (reliable insider) said the song was recorded during the Ultraviolence era, and the song title is also referenced in the UV booklet..

    Also, I saw you reverted my edited on Prom Song. How do we know Teenage Wasteland and Dreams are fake titles? I do believe the most proper title is ' Prom Song (Gone Wrong) ', but Lana has many songs with weird alt names, like Trash Magic also being called Miss America, Hundred Dollar Bill being called Nothin' More Gorgeous Than a Hundred Dollar Bill, etc and these titles came from Lana herself so I don't see why Teenage Wasteland and Dreams are fake.

    Have a good day!

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    • Hey LittleJackk, it has been discussed several times on LanaBoards of it being posted early on in her career, and I remember it that way when it was first discovered. We also know Lana has not been active on that Facebook acccount since Born to Die was released. I just did some research and found a conflicticting timeline of when the actual year it was posted and it is kinda blurry, speculation doesn't count so it should be left as is. Also I just came across Honeymouns statement about it being a UV outtake so I guess we can add it. Even tho I'm kinda on the fence because they are known to sometimes troll fans or what not. I will be adding that part of your edit back, my apologies.

      Regarding Prom Song, its a known fact that 'Teenage Wasteland' and 'Dreams' were made up names by people who had the song before it leaked and those names were soley used for trading purposes. Sayyestoheavens has backed up this several times on LanaBoards. These names have never been said by Lana, wherein the others have.


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    • Hi. I don't know much about her Facebook accounts so I don't really know if it was ever said that it was posted earlier in her career or that she hasn't used it since the BTD era, do you have a source for that? I really do think the post is from the UV era.

      Also, for the Teenage Wasteland and Dreams thing - ok then I understand, I didn't know about that.

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    • Hollywood Noir is fake, too.

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    • and live or die (version 3-6) are real but unleaked

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    • honeymouns has confirmed everything

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    • wrote: and live or die (version 3-6) are real but unleaked

      I don't remember him ever confirming the existence of these? he said he doesn't know anything regarding other Live or Die versions if I recall correctly..

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    • A FANDOM user
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