• I've removed your preview from the Esteban Calderon page because it has been confirmed fake, and the raw version of that has leaked. ("glimmeringdarling" preview) It was edited in discord by a bot.

    Also, before removing my edits or anything, please confirm with me first. It's annoying when people erase your hard work.

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    • Hey! Yeah thanks for giving a more detailed explanation on the source of that image, I'm not too knowlegeable on the fake leaks (edits).

      Definitely- had you been more specific I wouldn't had reverted your edits lol, since we have had editors in the past who delete or add things w/o reason. My apologies.

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    • No worries! If you're unsure about something of mine/any other edits you're skeptical of, you can leave a message on my wall!

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    • Noted :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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