• Hey everyone! We're working on building a Musical Madness (see what we did with a Lady Gaga Musical Madness ) to celebrate the release of Honeymoon, and there are a few categories we need some help with!

    1. We have a category for best outfit, care to suggest some looks? Please include an image or link to an image and what we should call it (lacey black in Frankfurt, etc). Feel free to nominate up to four looks!

    2. Who are your favorite photographers who have worked with Lana? So far our list includes Chuck GrantNicole NodlandNeil Krug, Francesco Carrozzini, Sean & Seng and AJ Numan. We don't need all of these, but did we miss any favorites?

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    • LanaDelReyFrankfurt2013

      Frankfurt Show

      Image for Frankfurt, I guess we can just call it "Lacey black in Frankfurt". If someone has a better photo of this outfit, then please, post a reply to this! This was the best I could find.


      Eurockneennes de Belfort Music Festival

      This next one is from the Eurockneennes de Belfort Music Festival, we can call it "White Sundress in Eurockeennes"


      The Great Gatsby premiere

      This next one is from the preimere of The Great Gatsby, we can call it "Gatsby black and white gown" 


      Milan Fashion Week

      This last one is from Milan Fashion Week, we can call it "Black and bold in Milan"

      These are my personal favorites, if nobody responds with more options, then use these, or remove this question. Antother fan, please respond to this thread with more options and then we'll choose the best! Also, if anyone can think of a better name for any of these, tell us.

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    • Love it Deathbell! Thank you so much!! These are perfect :) We'll definitely take these even if no one else adds anything (unless you object!!)

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    • We should just use these for now :-)

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    • Honeymoon is out! When can we expect this Musical Madness?

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    • Hey there, Deathbell. My name is Doug from Wikia's Community Development Team! I have begun putting together the Lana Del Rey Musical Madness. I'm in the process of building it out and it should be live Thursday or Friday this week. Keep an eye out!

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    • Can't wait! Thanks

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    • The musical madness is live!

      Thanks for all the help and let me know if you spot anything that needs fixing/updating. Thanks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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