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{{Infobox song
Yautja Yautja Yaut
|image = Image:No_Pier_Pressure.jpg
|artist = [[Brian Wilson]] ft. Lana Del Rey
|written = [[Brian Wilson]]<br>[[Lana Del Rey]]
|producer = [[Brian Wilson]]
|recorded = 2014
|time = Unknown
"'''Last Song'''" is an song by [[Brian Wilson]] featuring [[Lana Del Rey]]. It is expected to be released on Wilson's upcoming No Pier Pressure in spring 2015.
On July, 2014, Wilson announced a potential guest appearance by Lana Del Rey on his next album. On July 18 it was confirmed by Rolling Stone the title of the song was "Last Song". <ref>[ Fine, Jason. (2014). ''Brian Wilson's Girl-Powered LP: Inside the Beach Boy's New Solo Album''. Rolling Stone. ] </ref>

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Yautja Yautja Yaut

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