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Bryan Dunn
Writer(s) Bryan Dunn
Recorded Unknown
Length 6:35

"Ten Dollar Ring" is a song written and recorded by Bryan Dunn. Lana Del Rey recorded a cover of the song. A snippet of her covering the song live is available online.

Cover version[edit | edit source]

Lana Del Rey, then known as Lizzy Grant, performed the song live with Bryan Dunn at the Union Pool bar in Brooklyn, New York on June 16, 2007. There are no publicly available full recordings of the performance.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

[Bryan Dunn]:
I came back to town for the wedding
The last of the Stephenson brides
The talk died down to a whisper when they let me inside
I saw you there at the table
You smiled and you waved your right hand
Then they called for a toast and they all raised their glasses again

And there's a ten dollar ring on your finger
There's a five dollar ring in my hand
There's a ten dollar ring on your finger
And that five dollar ring went back in my pocket again

[Lana Del Rey]:
I almost laughed when I saw you
In that suit that you borrowed from John
The pants are too short and the sleeves are a little too long
I only smiled but I tell you
That I really wanted to cry
Cause I'm here at this table with somebody else by my side

There's a ten dollar ring on my finger
Cause you never asked for my hand
There's a ten dollar ring on my finger
Cause I never thought that I'd ever see you again

[Bryan Dunn & Lana Del Rey]:
No need to impress
Just a second hand dress
And something that's borrowed or blue
It'd be all right
If you didn't wear white
As long as I'm there next to you

[Bryan Dunn]:
I left right after the wedding
And I didn't say anything
Then I went to the river and I threw in that five dollar ring
I looked for you the whole damn evening
So much that I wanted to say
But whenever I need you, baby, you just run away

[Lana Del Rey]:
There's a ten dollar ring on my finger
And you didn't even shake my hand
There's a five dollar ring in the river
And believe me, my darling, you'll never see me again

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