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{{Navbox album
|Image=[[File:UV_Logo_Large.png|center|120px|link=Ultraviolence (album)]]
|MLink2=[[Endless Summer Tour|Tour]]
|MLink3=[[:Category:Ultraviolence_music_videos|Music videos]]
|TrackCol1="[[Cruel World (song)|Cruel World]]" <br />
"'''[[Ultraviolence (song)|Ultraviolence]]'''" <br />
"'''[[Shades of Cool (song)|Shades of Cool]]'''"<br />
"'''[[Brooklyn Baby (song)|Brooklyn Baby]]'''"<br />
"'''[[West Coast (song)|West Coast]]'''"<br />
"[[Sad Girl (song)|Sad Girl]]"
|TrackCol2="[[Pretty When You Cry (song)|Pretty When You Cry]]"<br />
"[[Money Power Glory (song)|Money Power Glory]]"<br />
"[[Fucked My Way Up to the Top (song)|Fucked My Way Up to the Top]]"<br />
"[[Old Money (song)|Old Money]]"<br />
"[[The Other Woman (song)|The Other Woman]]"<br />
|TrackCol3='''Bonus tracks''':<br />
"'''[[Black Beauty (song)|Black Beauty]]'''"<br />
"[[Guns and Roses (song)|Guns and Roses]]"<br />
"[[Florida Kilos (song)|Florida Kilos]]"<br /> 
"[[Is This Happiness (song)|Is This Happiness]]"<br /> 
"[[Flipside (song)|Flipside]]"

Displays as:

UV Logo Large.png

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