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Sample output
|image = Image:Venice Bitch cover.png
|artist = Lana Del Rey
|written = [[Lana Del Rey]]<br>[[Jack Antonoff]]
|producer = Jack Antonoff<br>Lana Del Rey
|time = 9:37
|released = September 18, 2018
|Source = [[File:Nfrlogo.png|link=Norman Fucking Rockwell (album)]]
|Singles = {{6S}}
|Last single image = Mariners Apartment Complex cover.jpg
|Last single link = Mariners Apartment Complex (song)
|Last single title = Mariners Apartment Complex
|This single image = Venice Bitch cover.png
|This single link = Venice Bitch (song)
|This single title = Venice Bitch
|Next single image = HIADTFAWLMTH_-_BIHI.jpg
|Next single link = Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman like Me to Have - but I Have It (song)
|Next single title = Hope is a Dangerous Thing...
|next = "[[Fuck It I Love You (song)|Fuck It I Love You]]"
|previous = "[[Mariners Apartment Complex (song)|Mariners Apartment Complex]]"
|album = [[Norman Fucking Rockwell (album)|Norman Fucking Rockwell]]
|MiX = {{Singles7}}

Results in...

Venice Bitch cover.png
Lana Del Rey
Writer(s) Lana Del Rey
Jack Antonoff
Producer(s) Jack Antonoff
Lana Del Rey
Released September 18, 2018
Length 9:37
From Nfrlogo.png
Single(s) "Mariners Apartment Complex"
"Venice Bitch"
"Hope Is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman like Me to Have – but I Have It"
"Doin' Time"
"The Greatest" / "Fuck It I Love You"
Singles chronology
border 1px

"Mariners Apartment Complex"

Venice Bitch cover.png

"Venice Bitch"


"Hope is a Dangerous Thing..."

Norman Fucking Rockwell track listing
"Mariners Apartment Complex" "Fuck It I Love You"