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This template adds <div style="clear:both;"></div>; for technical XHTML details, see Template talk:Clear.


{{clear}}: Makes content wait until existing content is completed in all columns. Often used to stop text from flowing next to unrelated images.



The template may also be substituted, but as the markup provided will be confusing to many editors, and this template provides documentation for itself, there is little justification for substitution.

Example without the Template:Tnull template


New section

See how this section starts at the right of the image, with the line actually overlapping the image

Example with the Template:Tnull template

Template:Lorem Template:Tnull

New section

See how this looks much better?

See also

  • Template:Lts delays content until left column is complete.
  • Template:Lts delays content until right column is complete.
  • Template:Lts is similar, but technically different.
    The fine points of {{clear}} vs. {{-}} are discussed in Template talk:-.

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