September 3

Del Rey met fans at the Dublin Airport in Ireland.

September 4

Del Rey performed at Stradbally Hall in Stradbally, Ireland, for the Electric Picnic Festival, as part of the Festival Tour.



00. "Full Moon" (Intro)

01. "Cruel World"

02. "Cola"

03. "Blue Jeans"

04. "Born to Die"

00. "Albedo 0.39" (Interlude)

05. "Honeymoon"

06. "High By the Beach"

07. "Summertime Sadness"

08. "Lolita"

09. "Ultraviolence"

10. "Yayo"


Del Rey posted a video on Facebook and Instagram and wrote on Twitter thanking her Irish fans for being so supportive and enjoying the concert so much.[1][2]

September 6

Del Rey out and about in Los Angeles, California.

September 12

Del Rey has posted images on her Instagram and Facebook from behind the scenes of the "National Anthem" music video. She tagged her sister Chuck Grant in the photos.[3][4][5]

September 15

Del Rey was spotted at a hair salon in Los Angeles, California.

September 16

Del Rey posted a selfie on Instagram (@honeymoon).[6]

September 19

Del Rey posted a video of Amy Winehouse on Instagram (@honeymoon), her caption read "Also posting a little video of Amy because I didn't post on her birthday, watching it on my stupid cracked iPhone".[7]

September 21

Jonathan Wilson posted a photo of Del Rey on Instagram with the caption "THE GAS STATION ANGEL"

September 23

Del Rey posted three videos on Instagram (@honeymoon). She was filming a spider in her house when suddenly it fell to the ground and she screamed.[8][9][10]

September 26

Del Rey posted two videos on Instagram (@lanadelrey & @honeymoon) encouraging fans to watch the American presidential debate.[11][12]

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