June 1

Del Rey at LAX Airport in Los Angeles leaving for Poland.

June 2

Del Rey meets fans outside her hotel in Warsaw, Poland.

Del Rey posted a selfie on Instagram (@honeymoon) with the caption "Finally back to you Poland, I'll see you tomorrow night X".[1]

She also posted the same selfie with a sligthly different description on her main Instagram account, which she removed later.

June 3

Del Rey meets fans at her hotel before the show.

Del Rey performed at Tor wyścigów konnych Służewiec in Warsaw, Poland, for the Orange Warsaw Festival, as part of the Festival Tour.



00. "Full Moon" (Intro)

01. "Cruel World"

02. "Cola"

03. "Blue Jeans"

04. "West Coast"

05. "Born to Die"

06. "Honeymoon"

07. "High By the Beach"

08. "Freak"

00. "Clair de Lune" (Interlude)

09. "Carmen"

10. "Serial Killer"

11. "Lolita"

12. "Ultraviolence"

13. "Ride"

14. "Video Games"

15. "Off to the Races"


June 4

Del Rey with Sergey Lazarev at the airport.

June 13

Del Rey at Yosemite National Park with friends.

June 15

Del Rey leaving 'The Nice Guy' Nightclub in Los Angeles.

June 16

Del Rey spotted in Los Angeles, California leaving a hair salon.

June 18

Del Rey posted a video of herself singing on Instagram (@lanadelrey ) with the caption "It’s so hot out today and all the birds are singing. I was reminded of a lullaby I wrote years ago called Cherry Blossom".

  • Note: The post has since been deleted

June 21

Del Rey was seen grocery shopping with Jonathan Wilson in Malibu.

Del Rey posted a photo on Instagram celebrating her 31st birthday with the caption "Strawberry Moon for my Birthday 🍰".[2]

June 25

Del Rey was spotted at a gas station in California.

June 29

Del Rey posted a video of herself on Instagram (@lanadelrey).[3]

June 30

Scenes for the "Love" music video were shot.

June (Unknown day)

Del Rey and her sister, Chuck, were photographed by Emma Tillman at Emile Haynie's house in Los Angeles, California.

Del Rey was photographed with ASAP Rocky by Marissa Littell.

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