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Lana Del Rey
Writer(s) Lana Del Rey

"Sugarfish" is a poem released by Lana Del Rey for her first poetry book Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass.

Background[edit | edit source]

The poem was not released digitally unlike many other poems by Del Rey.

Cross-references[edit | edit source]

  • The phrase "sugar in my teeth, from your kiss you texting me" is similar to "cinnamon in my teeth, from your kiss, you're touching me" from "Cinnamon Girl".
  • "Sugarfish" is a sushi restaurant located in San Vicente Boulevard in L.A.
  • The "Dodger Stadium" is a baseball stadium in L.A.
  • A fortune teller is also referenced in the poem "Tessa DiPietro".
  • Honey (as in 'the sweet nectar made of flowers') is also mentioned in "Honeymoon".
  • Sugar is also mentioned in "National Anthem", "Be My Daddy", "Radio" and "In the Sun".
  • "Blue and borrowed" refers to the Old English rhyme "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" used mostly in weddings.

Poem[edit | edit source]

Lemme stick to something sweet
sugar on my hands and feet
Sugarfish San Vicente
sugar sugar in my teeth
from your kiss you texting me
from the movie theater seat
Dodger Stadium Slurpee
white confection in the sea
powder waves froth over me
A fortune teller once told me
do things that you think are sweet and a sweet man is sure to follow.

So I made a bath that night of honey
dipped my toes in rose and money
stayed all night in that bathwater
even some I swallowed.

Now there's so much sugar on me
I can't keep the bees off of me
even most of my thoughts are charming
some are blue and borrowed

Sugar sugar lips and teeth
fingertips touch emojis
hard forever
hearts on fleek
bb please come over

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