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"'''Ride'''" is a song by American [[singer-songwriter]] [[Lana Del Rey]] from her third [[Extended play|EP]] ''[[Paradise (EP)|Paradise]]'' (2012). The song served as the reissue's first [[Single (music)|single]] on September 25, 2012 through [[Interscope Records]], [[Polydor Records]], and [[Universal Music Group|Universal Music]]. The cover for the single depicts Del Rey on a [[tire swing]], wearing [[cowboy boots]] and a denim jacket. In general, the song was well received by critics. Co-written by "[[Video Games (song)|Video Games]]" author [[Justin Parker]], "Ride" is a [[pop ballad]] that thematically involves parental problems, alcohol consumption, and loneliness.
Teaming up with [[Anthony Mandler]], director of "[[National Anthem (song)|National Anthem]]", Del Rey premiered the ancillary [[music video]] at the [[American Cinematheque#The Cinematheque's two movie theatres|Aero Theatre]] in [[Santa Monica, California]] on October 10 and saw an official release on October 12. Del Rey's role in the video for "Ride" was compared to ''[[Lolita]]'' and ''[[A Streetcar Named Desire (play)|A Streetcar Named Desire]]''. The [[monologue]] [[Film treatment|treatment]] at the prologue and epilogue of the video met polarized opinion; some considered it "meaningless" and a "jibe to her critics", while others called it "moving" and "really something". [[Music journalism|Contemporary critics]] praised the recording. Vocally, the song drew comparisons with [[Adele (singer)|Adele]] and [[Brandon Flowers]] of [[The Killers]]. Becoming a modest hit in the United States, Switzerland, Ireland, and France, the song reached the top-ten in Russia, [[Flanders]], and [[Wallonia]].
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R single
Lana Del Rey
Writer(s) Lana Del Rey
Justin Parker
Producer(s) Rick Rubin
Length 4:49
From Plogo
Single(s) "Ride"
Promotional single(s) "Blue Velvet"
"Burning Desire"
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