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Patricia Ann "Patty" Hill-Grant (born December 23, 1955, in Lake Placid, New York) is the birth mother of Lana Del Rey.

Early life[]

Hill-Grant was born to her mother Madeline Hill and father Donald Hill in Lake Placid, New York on December 23, 1955. Her father was a regional sales manager for the American Maize Company. She graduated from the now closed Bradford College in Haverhill, Massachusetts and Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York.

Marriage and children[]

Hill-Grant married to Robert Grant Jr. on June 12, 1982, at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church.[1] She later had her first daughter and eldest child Lana Del Rey, followed by her second daughter Chuck Grant then her first son and youngest child Charlie Grant. She has one granddaughter, Phoenix Pickens-Grant, the daughter of Chuck Grant.

Relationship with Lana Del Rey[]

Del Rey has portrayed her mother in various songs throughout her career. Hill-Grant is mentioned positively in "Old Money" and neutrally in "Aviation". On the other hand, in songs like "My Momma", "Raise Me Up (Mississippi South)", "Black Bathing Suit", "Wildflower Wildfire", "A&W", and "Fingertips" and in the poem "LA Who Am I to Love You", Del Rey alludes to a rocky, unstable, and unfriendly relationship with her mother.

Del Rey appears to excludes Hill-Grant when discussing her family, and has referred to her friend and AA sponsor, Candace Block, as the mother figure in her self-described "chosen family".[2][dead link] On Mother's Day in 2020, Del Rey shared various posts indicating that she finds the day "challenging".

Personal life[]

Hill-Grant currently lives in Lake Placid, New York with her husband. She lives largely out of the spotlight of Del Rey's career but has toured with her in the past, and has been occasionally spotted in public with her eldest daughter.