Nicole Nodland is an accomplished fashion and editorial photographer. Nicole and Lana Del Rey began working together in 2010. She shot the covers for Born to Die and Paradise, as well as the single covers and on-set photography for "Video Games", "Blue Jeans", and "Born to Die". Her and Del Rey have done various promotional shoots for both Born to Die and Paradise.

Shoot #1 (August 30, 2010)Edit

Date August 30, 2010
Location Unknown
Camera P30 by Phase One

Nicole Nodland 2 1

Shoot #2 (July 22, 2011) for Born to DieEdit

Date July 22, 2011
Location Watford, England Gb
Camera(s) P25+ by Phase One
EOS 5D Mark II by Canon

This shoot consisted of seven looks. Final photographs were used in various promotional outlets for Born to Die, and set footage from the shoot was used in the original "Blue Jeans" music video. 

Nicole Nodland 4 11

Earrings by Chanel

Shoot #3 (March 2, 2012) for "Blue Jeans" & Paradise Edit

  • Camera – EOS 5D Mark II
  • Camera manufacturer – Canon

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Shoot #4 (March 4–5, 2012)Edit

Date March 4–5, 2012
Location Los Angeles, California Us
Camera P30 by Phase One

This shoot consisted of nine looks. Final photographs were retouched. Some pictures were used during the promotion of the Jaguar campaign. Many pictures were included in the Paradise Tour program.


Top and necklace by Versace.

Behind the scenes Edit

Behind the scenes Edit

Shoot #5 (September 2, 2012) for "Burning Desire"Edit

Shoot #6 (September 26, 2012) for JaguarEdit

  • Shot in Paris, France, during Del Rey's Jaguar promotional appearance.

Shoot #7 (January 18, 2013) for L'Officiel magazineEdit

  • Stylist – Vanessa Bellugeon
  • Hair – Anna Cofone
  • Makeup – Pamela Cochrane
  • Photo assistants – River Jordan & Corey Seeholzer
  • Digital operator – Silas King
  • Retouching – Tapestry
  • Stylist assistant – Helena Tejedor
  • Consultant – Johnny Blueeyes
  • Special thanks - Almudena Tirado, Carmen Martinez, Luis Savedra, & Chelo Martinez
  1. Top by Ralph Lauren
  2. Dress and hat by Saint Laurent
  3. Dress by Dolce & Gabbana
  4. Dress by Rochas, bracelets by Manish Arora, ring, vintage
  5. Dress by Gucci, necklace and ring by Montaigne Market
  6. Shawl, vintage
  7. Dress by Valentino, shawl, vintage
  8. Dress by Roberto Cavalli, earrings by Shourouk
  9. Top by Bottega Veneta, tiara by Vivienne Westwood, necklace by Y Eyes

Behind the scenesEdit

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