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Lana Del Rey as Lizzy Grant
Writer(s) Lana Del Rey
Producer(s) Lana Del Rey
Recorded 2006
Length 1:44
(See official versions)
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"Methamphetamines" (also known as "Meth Love") is an unreleased song by Lana Del Rey. It was recorded around 2006 and leaked on October 14, 2012.


The song was ripped from a video Del Rey uploaded and no producer is known.

The song contains samples of interviews with Elvis Presley. The song's main melody comes from Nino Rota's "What Is a Youth" (AKA "Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet"). In a track by track commentary of Ultraviolence, Del Rey stated that the song's concept was reused for "Old Money".

A snippet of an alternate version of the song titled "Meth Love" leaked on October 14, 2020. The full song leaked later the same day.

Music video[]

Music video Information
Lana_Del_Rey_-_Methamphetamines Released N/A
Length 1:44
Director Lana Del Rey
Filmed 2008
Location Unknown
Vevo views N/A

Background and description[]

Del Rey made a homemade music video for the song in 2008 that featured clips of Del Rey herself singing along to the song, and clips of American rockstar Elvis Presley.


Official versions[]

  • Final version – 1:44
  • "Meth Love" version – 1:33


Final version[]

Methamphetamine, pink flamingo
Blue 50s queen, Blue Oyster Cove
For then a dream, why don't we go
To Coney Island?

When the hour numb, the gala's on
The record spins, blue 50s song
The veranda looks ocean-on
Neon palms sway

What's happening? Where did we go?
The Jersey Shore was long ago
As with our hopes and ocean glow
And so I bid you farewell

"Meth Love" version[]

Methamphetamine, I met my man
Drag queen at heart, just like I am
Puts on his wig, eyelashes, bam
King Coney Island

One diamond, the guide lights on
The record spins blue '50s song
The veranda looks ocean now
Neon palms sway

What’s happening? Where did we go?
The Jersey Shore was long ago
As with our hopes and ocean grove
And so I bid you farewell