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  • Hey Cosmic-latte, it's great to see you working on the wikia and updating it with what you know about Lana, we need that here! I see you've made a page called "Old Lana Del Rey Music Videos/Concerts" and it's a great start but there are a couple of things I want to mention.

    Your page is a good directory but generally directories on this wikia are kept as categories. For example, if you wanted to look at the information we have on Lana's music videos, you could go to Category:Music videos and then look in the respective pages for what we have on them. As a general rule, we put music videos in the same page as it's respective song, if you wanted to read about the music video for Ride, you'd go to the page about Ride, so I encourage you to look at the formatting we have for music videos and then go ahead and start adding information on music videos to all the pages where we haven't done it yet (like Kill Kill or Million Dollar Man for example). Once you've added information about a music video to a song page, scroll to the end of the page and click the Add category button at the bottom and type in Music videos, then save it and you're done! If you want to play around with editing on this wiki before you commit to any changes I recommend using the sandbox as a testing ground.

    Generally concert footage should only be used if it's rare, for example Lana's only sung Boarding School live a handful of times and there aren't many videos of it, so there's a part on her performance of it on the page and the page is listed under the category "Live performances" so people can go to look at that. Songs she's performed a lot, like Summertime Sadness, don't really need concert footage as it's pretty easy to come by. It wouldn't be wrong though to make a section on the respective pages of popular or often performed songs about how she normally performs it if you want.

    With all these things you can go at your own pace really and add as much information you want to add.

    In regards to your page, I really recommend moving it to your own page (I can move it to a directory on your page like I did with my WIP fonts page for myself here, or making it something more in keeping with the rest of the wiki, I know we don't have a list of videos page like we do for songs which explains when it was recorded directors if it was released etc, you can model it after the list of songs page, if you liked and I can rename it for you. If you want I could also delete the page but it seems like a waste.

    Get back to me with how you feel and I hope you enjoy the rest of your time editing here!

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    • Okay, thanks :)

      Great, let me know if there are any updates with the videos page, as I'd love to help!

      Cool, by the way Lana also did several covers of the song 'Knocking On Heaven's Door'. Here's one of them:

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    • Yeah she did that as part of the setlist on the paradise tour just before or after Without You I think, feel free to make a page about that song

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