Marvin Scott Jarrett is a photographer, filmmaker and the founder/editor in chief of Nylon and Ruy Gun Magazine. Jarrett photographed Lana Del Rey for the November cover of Nylon in 2013.  

Shoot #1 (Unknown, 2013)Edit

  1. Coat, dress and bra by Louis Vuitton, boots by Justin, ring and cuff by Palema Love
  2. Coat by Marc Jacobs, dress by Lindsey Thornburg, sneakers by Converse, rings by Pamela Maia and Blue Bayer, bracelet by Tom Binns
  3. Sweater by Joe's, shorts by Levi's, tights by Anna Sui, sunglasses by Versace
  4. Shirt by Calvin Klein Jeans, bustier by Nasty Gal, skirt by DKNY, necklace by Blue Bayer, choker and rings by Palema Love
  5. Vintage jacket, shirt and jeans by Levi's
  6. Coat by Urban Renewal, jeans by Gap

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