The following is a list of unconfirmed songs by Lana Del Rey. The song titles herein here are speculation based entirely on rumors from fans and other unreliable sources. It is advised to not assume that the titles listed on this page are real.

Rumored songsEdit

Song title Notes
"Don't You Know I'm Beautiful"
"Downtown Persona"
"For Brandon" Guitar song found on one of Del Rey's ReverbNation profiles. The ID3 tags of the song indicates Sebastien Izambard as artist and "Spring" as the title of the song.
"Future Jazz" Rumored outtake from Ultraviolence.
"Garden of Eden"
"Give Me More"
"High Roller"
"Him & I" G-Eazy song, reportedly featured Del Rey originally, now features Halsey.
"Hollywood Noir" Possible alternate title for "Noir".
"Little by Little"
"Lucky Star"
"Mary (Scared of Me)" Rumored outtake from Lust for Life.
"Midnight Blues"
"Nasty" Possible alternate title for "Be My Daddy".
"NYC Beauty"
"Ode to Fame" Del Rey posted possible lyrics with the title "Ode to Fame" on Facebook in April, 2011.[1]
"Only Fools Run In" Possible alternate title.
"Picking Up the Pieces" Possibly a misattribution of the Paloma Faith song of the same name.
"Push and Shove"
"Red Sheets"
"Rolls Royce" Possible alternate title.
"San Antonio"
"Screw You" Possible alternate title for "Damn You".
"Seven Eleven"
"Singer of Time"
"Smoke and Mirrors"
"Sunday Switch-Up"
"Talking like an Answering Machine" Found registered under Lana Del Rey whereas other songs on registry list registered under Elizabeth Grant.
"Til the Night / Until the Night"
"Trans-Am" Title written on a notepad pictured in a photo of Del Rey in the studio during January 2013. Possibly an outtake from Ultraviolence.
"When I Fall in Love" Cover of song by Nat King Cole, reportedly performed by Del Rey at the wedding of George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin on September 27, 2014.

Fake song titlesEdit

The following is a list of song titles previously rumored to involve Lana Del Rey but have been confirmed to either not exist or be misattributions.

Song title Reason
"1967 Chevy"
"American Flag"
"Angels in America"
"Break the Cycle" Also known as "Broken Cycle". It is registered with ISWC by Elizabeth C Grant, rather than Del Rey's legal name Elizabeth W Grant and is assumed fake.
"Could Be You"
"Doijroij" Fan-made mashup of "Carmen", "Playground" and "Summer of Sam".
"Epiphany" It is registered with ISWC by Elizabeth C Grant, rather than Del Rey's legal name Elizabeth W Grant and is assumed fake.
"Exorcism" Fake song, supposed lyrics were spread by fans.
"Fallen Angel of the Lord"
"Fresh Princess"
"Insane" Also known as "Be Insane". The song performed by Flume featuring Moon Holiday and is often incorrectly attributed to Del Rey.
"Juicy Lolita" Alternate title for "Lolita".
"Little Angel"
"Lucky Struggle"
"Mrs. Kennedy"
"Nobody Looks at You (Like You Do)" Also known as "Nonny Peeka Monger", a rumor spread as a joke.
"Nowhere to Go"
"Rock Me Stable" Title refers to the alternate title for the EP, Young like Me, rather than a song.
"Shame" Song performed by a different, uncredited singer with a similar voice to Del Rey.
"Sparkle Jump Rope Queen" Title refers to one of Del Rey's old stage names, rather than a song.
"The High End of Low"
"Truth in Your Eyes"
"Vegas Baby"
"Wild Side" Title of a song that samples "Born to Die", mistaken for a separate song by Del Rey. Registered on ASCAP.
"Young like Me" Title refers to the EP, Young like Me, rather than a song.

Rumored demos Edit

Song title Notes
"Backfire" (Version 2)
"Blue Jeans" (Laptop Demo)
"Breaking My Heart" (Demo) Rumored by several sources.
"Caught You Boy" (Demo)
"Cola" (Demo) Confirmed by Del Rey.
"Dance for Money" (Version 2) Rumored to have new vocals. Different from "Lemonade Motorcycle Heaven".
"Delicious" (Version 2)
"Every Man Gets His Wish" (Acoustic)
"Live or Die" (Versions 3-6)
"Me & My Boyfriend" (Acoustic)
"Motel 6" Rumored to be produced by Crispin Hunt.
"Party Girl" (Version 3)
"St. Tropez" (Final)
"Summer of Sam" (Final)
"The Ocean" (Version 2)
"Trash Magic" (Version 3)

Fake demos Edit

This is a list of demos and snippets of confirmed songs that have been proven fake.

Song title Notes
"Jealous Girl" (Version 2) Made by fan account.
"Ultraviolence" (Demo) Made by fan account.
"West Coast" (Demo) Actually is the radio mix.