Lana Del Rey has 10 tattoos across her upper body.

Hands Edit

Right hand Edit

Del Rey has two tattoos on her right hand. One is the phrase "trust no one", and "die young" is tattooed on her ring finger.

Left hand Edit

Del Rey also has two tattoos on her left hand. One is the letter "M" for her grandmother, Madeleine, while the other is the word "paradise", which has been referenced in works like the song and EP of the same name.

Arms Edit

Right arm Edit

Del Rey has one tattoo on her right arm. It says "Nabokov Whitman", made in reference to two writers, Vladimir Nabokov and Walt Whitman, who have had a heavy influence on Del Rey's work.

Left arm Edit

Del Rey has one tattoo on her left arm, which says "Chateau Marmont" in reference to the hotel in Los Angeles which is referenced in many of her songs such as "Heavy Hitter".

Chest Edit

Del Rey has four names tattooed across the top of her chest, "Whitney Amy" on the right, and "Nina Billie" on the left. They stand for Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse. Del Rey has covered two of Simone's songs, "The Other Woman" and "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood". Del Rey also revealed the censored words in the first pre-chorus of "Get Free" to be "Amy" and "Whitney", as a nod to two of Del Rey's inspirations.

Non-permanent Edit

Del Rey has occasionally had non-permanent tattoos. Examples of these include the phrases "revenge" on her left wrist and "life is beautiful" on her right wrist, which could reference the song, or a simple infinity sign on her left hand. Del Rey also had various non-permanent tattoos across her body during the Tropico film, including "trust no bitch" written on her stomach, a gun on her chest and tear drops on her right cheek.

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