Justin Parker - Ivor Novello awards

Justin Parker is an English songwriter and producer from Boultham, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. He has worked with numerous artists, including Lana Del Rey.

Work with Lana Del ReyEdit

Parker stated on Twitter in 2012 that "On Our Way" was the first song that him and Del Rey wrote together in 2010. Since then, he went on to work on many more songs with her.

Songs from Born to Die (2012):

  • "Born to Die" – Production role: Songwriter, Alternate Producer, Vocal Producer.
  • "Video Games" – Production role: Songwriter, Alternate Producer.
  • "National Anthem" – Production role: Songwriter.
  • "Radio" – Production role: Songwriter, Alternate Producer.
  • "Carmen" – Production role: Songwriter, Vocal Producer.

Songs from Paradise (2012):

  • "Burning Desire" – Production role: Songwriter.
  • "Ride" – Production role: Songwriter.

Songs from Lust for Life (2017):

Songs currently unreleased (2010–2015):

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