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Lana Del Rey (love interest)

J, also known as "Jim" or sometimes "Jimmy", was a potentially fictional romantic interest of Lana Del Rey. He is present in several of Del Rey's songs and is featured heavily in "Ultraviolence", where he is portrayed as a violent cult leader.

Mentions Edit

  • Mentioned in the song "You're Gonna Love Me"
  • J is the focal point of "Jimmy Gnecco", who may or may not be the singer referred to in the title.
  • In "All Smiles", Del Rey addresses someone called Jimmy, saying "Jimmy, let me get a better look at your face"
  • Del Rey refers to seeing "Jim and Chuck" in "the spotlight" in "Motel 6".
  • J, also called "Jimmy", is once again in "Hundred Dollar Bill"; in which Del Rey calls him "the worst that [she's] ever seen", fitting his violent portrayal in "Ultraviolence".
  • There is a possibility that "JFK" is also about J, as he evidently had the same first initial, although this is highly unlikely as "JFK" most likely refers to John F. Kennedy, a former U.S. president, whose assassination heavily influenced the music video for "National Anthem".
  • J is mentioned in "Ultraviolence" as Jim, however, this may not actually be referencing a love interest of Del Rey's. "Jim" may be referring to Jim Morrison - a long-time inspiration of Del Rey's - and his love interest Pamela Courson. It has been noted that it is possible Morrison had violent tendencies towards Courson despite the fact that they stayed together until Morrison died. It also could be noted that the lyrics mention Woodstock - a music festival which was before Del Rey's time, however, during Morrison's (Morrison's band, "The Doors", was scheduled to play at Woodstock). The music video of "Ultraviolence" also depicts Del Rey as a bride following around an unknown man and sucking on his fingers. Over the years they were together, Morrison and Courson had always planned to get married, however, they never did. It was suggested that Courson was intent on marrying Morrison although Morrison wasn't interested.
  • It seems most likely that J would be Jim Beam. The singer Jimmy Gnecco left a comment on an Instagram photo saying that Del Rey fans should spread the truth or nothing at all. Many of Del Rey's songs have had references to alcohol and alcohol addiction.
  • Mentioned in "My Song 57".
  • It is also possible that "Smarty" is about J, as he is apparently abusive.
  • Mentioned in "How to Disappear".
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