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"Happy Birthday, Mr. President" is a song sung by actress and singer Marilyn Monroe on Saturday, May 19, 1962, for President John F. Kennedy at a celebration of his forty-fifth birthday, ten days before the actual date (Tuesday, May 29). Monroe sang the traditional "Happy Birthday to You" lyrics in a sultry voice, with "Mr. President" inserted as Kennedy's name.

Monroe continued the song with a snippet from the classic song, "Thanks for the Memory", for which she had written new lyrics specifically aimed at Kennedy.

Thanks, Mr. President
For all the things you've done
The battles that you've won
The way you deal with U.S. Steel
And our problems by the ton
We thank you so much

Lana Del Rey version[]


Lana Del Rey - Happy Birthday Mr. President

Lana Del Rey recreated the performance in the music video for "National Anthem" where she wore a similar dress to Monroe's and dedicated the song to John F. Kennedy, portrayed by American rapper ASAP Rocky. The music video was directed in 2012 by Anthony Mandler and was released the same year on June 27. The scene ends with everyone clapping. The clip is in black and white, with a vintage style frame and effects. Her version of the song is registered on ASCAP ACE Repertory as "National Anthem / Happy Birthday (Video Version)".[1] During her 2018 LA to the Moon Tour, Del Rey used the song as an interlude, the video was displayed before she performed "National Anthem".