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'''Gyslain Yarhi''' (born in 1979) is a Paris-based fashion photographer. He did a photoshoot with [[Lana Del Rey]] in 2011 that was used in the December edition of [[Complex (magazine)|Complex Magazine]].
Yautja Yautja Yaut
==Shoot #1 ([[2011/September|September 5]], 2011)==
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GY 1.jpg|[1]
GY 2.jpg
GY 3.jpg
GY 4.jpg
GY 5.jpg
GY 6.jpg
GY 7.jpg
GY 8.jpg
GY 9.jpg
GY 10.jpg
GY 11.jpg
GY 12.jpg
*Camera - EOS 5D Mark II
*Camera manufacturer - Canon
*Styling - Johnny BlueEyes (OB Represents)
*Hair - Marc Ramos
*Makeup - Pamela Cochrane (OB Represents)
#All clothes, stylist's own
===Media Use===
<gallery widths="80" orientation="portrait" spacing="small" bordercolor="#8e8e8e" captionsize="small" navigation="true">
Complex1.jpg|{{Credits|1=Complex|2=December, 2011|3=Us}}|link=Complex (magazine)
Mujer_Hoy.jpg|{{Credits|1=Mujer Hoy|2=March, 2012|3=Es}}
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*[ Official website]
[[Category:Born to Die photoshoots]]
[[Category:Born to Die photoshoots]]

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