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"Groupie Love" is a song by Lana Del Rey featuring ASAP Rocky. It was co-written with Rocky and Rick Nowels and co-produced with Nowels, Kieron Menzies, Hector Delgado and Dean Reid. The song is featured on her fifth studio album and fourth major-label studio album, Lust for Life. It was released as the album's fourth single on July 12, 2017, alongside "Summer Bummer".

Background and writing[]

On July 8, 2017, a snippet of the song surfaced online, and after speculation from fans that the song would be released as a single, Del Rey revealed that it would be released on July 12, 2017, along with "Summer Bummer", which also features ASAP Rocky.[1]

On July 12, 2017, Zane Lowe premiered both "Summer Bummer" and "Groupie Love" on Beats 1 Radio. Lust for Life was simultaneously put up for pre-order. The song impacted contemporary hit radio in Italy on July 28, 2017.[2]

In an interview with BBC Radio 1 on July 12, 2017, Del Rey stated that "Groupie Love" was the first collaboration that her and ASAP Rocky did together for the album and that she had sent him about four songs that she wanted him to contribute to.[3] Del Rey posted the unofficial promotional single artwork through her Twitter where she credits ASAP Rocky as "Flacko".[4]

In another interview on July, 2017 producer Rick Nowels told Genius that "Groupie Love" was one of the first songs they wrote for the album. About the collaboration he said that "Lana had the idea to bring A$AP Rocky. He's a great guy; very smart and creative. His producer Hector Delgado came in too and did the beats on the song and co-produced it with us". [10]

Critical reception and composition[]

"Groupie Love" is a slow paced track with trap beats that lyrically explores the topic of having a romantic relationship with a musician. The song is performed in the key of A major at approximately 176 beats per minute and lasts 4 minutes and 24 seconds, although an alternate mix of the song is registered on PPL Repertoire and lasts 4 minutes and 45 seconds, but this version remains unleaked.[5]

ASAP Rocky's vocal contributions to the track received mixed reactions from critics. Dan Weiss of Consequence of Sound criticized ASAP Rocky's contribution to the track, saying that "it adds nothing to the latter",[6] while in contrast, Madison Zehmer of Old Gold & Black stated that his contributions on "Summer Bummer" and "Groupie Love" enhanced the tracks in style.[7]

Live performances[]

Del Rey performed the song live for the first time at her Lust for Life listening party and performance hosted by Spotify at No Vacancy in Los Angeles, California, on July 20, 2017.


Official versions[]

  • Album version — 4:24
    • Instrumental version — 4:28
  • Clean version — 4:24
  • Alternate mix — 4:45


[Lana Del Rey]:
You're in the bar, playing guitar
I'm trying not to let the crowd next to me
It's so hard sometimes with a star
When you have to share him with everybody
You're in the club, livin' it up
I'm trying not to let the crowd notice me
It's so sweet, swinging to the beat
When I know that you're doing it all for me

And every time you look up
I know what you're thinking of
I know what you're thinking of

You want my groupie love
Groupie love
Groupie love

Time after time, writing my lines
Having my baby there next to me
It's so sweet, pouring you a drink
And pretending that nothing means anything

This is my life, you by my side
Key lime and perfume and festivals
Taking our dreams, turning them to things
It's like magic, babe, isn't life wonderful?

And every time we hook up
I know what you're thinking of
I know what you're thinking of

You want my, groupie love
Groupie love
Groupie love

[ASAP Rocky & Lana Del Rey]:
Front row, every show, like a hype man (Hmm)
Sing along, word for word, while she my bae (Yeah)
Side stage, fans screaming, causing migraines
Yamborghini-high, but she ain't on my grade (Hmm, hmm)
God damn, got a n**** actin' irate (Hmm, hmm)
My babe, my babe, stay on my brain (Yeah)
My babe, made me sing to a fire escape
City girl, but she grew up in the Tri-State
She ain't got no time for no groupie love (Hmm)
We don't pay no minds to the thug with a ***** up (Hmm)
Love girls, you and I, so who do we trust?
You and I, till the day we die (You and I, till the day we die)

Groupie love
Groupie love
Groupie love
You are my babe
Groupie love
Groupie love
Groupie love
Groupie love


  • Lana Del Rey — vocals, songwriting, production
  • ASAP Rocky — vocals, songwriting
  • Rick Nowels — songwriting, production, mellotron, piano, synthesizer, synthesizer program, vibraphone
  • Hector Delgado — production, engineering, keyboard, bass guitar, drums, percussion, synthesizer
  • Kieron Menzies — production, engineering, keyboard, drums, mixing, percussion, synthesizer
  • Dean Reid — production, engineering, bass guitar, vocoder, mixing, sound effects
  • Trevor Yasuda — engineering, keyboard
  • Patrick Warren — keyboard, piano, strings
  • Zac Rae — keyboard, electric guitar
  • David Levita — electric guitar
  • Berkay Birecikli — percussion
  • Mighty Mike — Sound effects, Percussion


Chart (2017) Peak
France (SNEP)[8] 142
New Zealand Heatseekers (RMNZ)[9] 8

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