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'''Geordie Wood''' is an American photographer who is currently the photo director for [[The FADER]] magazine. He photographed [[Lana Del Rey]] in 2014 to promote [[Ultraviolence (album)|Ultraviolence]]. The images were featured in issue 92, June/July 2014, as part of The FADER's annual summer music issue. <span>Other images were used in the June 23, 2014 issue of TIME Magazine.</span>
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==Shoot #1 (June, 2014)==
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GW 8.jpg
GW 5.jpg
Geordie Wood for Fader.png
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GW 1 3.jpg
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Geordie Wood Outtake2.jpg|Lana for The FADER, by Geordie Wood
Geordie Wood Outtake4.jpg
Geordie Wood Outtake5.jpg
===Media use===
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GW Final 1.jpg|{{Credits|1=The FADER|2=June/July, 2014|3=Us}}
GW M 2.jpg|{{Credits|1=The Culture|2=June, 2014|3=Us}}
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===Behind the scenes===
[[File:Lana Del Rey's FADER Cover Shoot - Behind The Scenes|thumb|330x330px]]
A video was released by The FADER magazine's YouTube channel, FADER TV, about behind the scenes of this photo shoot. The video explains inspiration for some photos, including an interview with Geordie Wood. Some shots that were set up in the video haven't been released yet.
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[[Category:Ultraviolence photoshoots]]
[[Category:Ultraviolence photoshoots]]

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