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|image = Image:Unreleased.png
|artist = Lana Del Rey
|written = [[Lana Del Rey]]
|producer = N/A
|recorded = Unknown
|time = Unknown
|Source = [[File:Unreleased_Logo.png|125px|link=Category:Unreleased songs]]
"'''China Palace'''" is an unreleased song by [[Lana Del Rey]]. It was the first song written by Del Rey, who penned it when she was 11 or 12 years old. It is unknown if the song was ever recorded.
During an interview on a Swedish radio station Del Rey revealed the title saying "I can't remember writing a song until I was about twelve, and it was called "China Palace". I don't know why. So, yeah I remember that, I mean, uh, I remember that I used the words "strawberry daiquiri" which I thought was funny, 'cause I'd never had one. So obviously I thought that that was like a really cool thing." <ref>[ Lana Del Rey talks about "China Palace" in a radio interview [Accessed: July 1, 2014<nowiki>]</nowiki>]</ref>
In a later interview with the Inquirer in 2015, Del Rey talked a little more about the song saying “It was about being a princess.”<ref>[ Napales, Ruben. (2015). ''Lana Del Rey: I was very wild''. Inquirer. [Access date February 15, 2015<nowiki>]</nowiki>]</ref>
[[Category:Unreleased songs]]
[[Category:Unreleased songs]]

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