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Charles "Charlie" Hill-Grant is the younger brother of American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey and photographer Chuck Grant, and the son of Patricia Hill-Grant and Robert Grant.


Early life[]

Charlie grew up with his sisters Lana Del Rey (Elizabeth Woolridge Grant) and Chuck Grant in Lake Placid, New York. His father, a web developer, and mother, an executive, had moved to Lake Placid from New York City before Chuck and Charlie were born. Del Rey was seven when Charlie was born, and Chuck was four.

Current life[]

As of May 2024, Charlie resides in Louisiana with his wife Valerie.[1]

Work with Lana Del Rey[]

Music videos appearances[]

Charlie has been featured in the short film Tropico (2013) and in the music videos for Del Rey's songs "Ride" (2012), "Fuck It I Love You"/"The Greatest" (2019), "Let Me Love You like a Woman" (2020) and "Chemtrails over the Country Club" (2021).

Work as a director[]

Charlie directed a video of Del Rey to accompany the release of her September 2020 cover for Interview magazine. The homestyle video titled "In Bed (and in the Tub) with Lana Del Rey" displays Del Rey in various scenes answering questions and reading back lines she composes on her typewriter.


  • Directed by: Charlie Grant
  • Edited by: Mud Barker
  • Styled by: Mel Ottenberg
  • Photographed by: Chuck Grant
  • Graphics by: Kurt Woerpel

Camera work[]

Charlie and Chris Ripley made the camera work for the "Arcadia" music video, which was directed by Del Rey herself.


Shoot #1 (August 29, 2020) for Chemtrails over the Country Club[]

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Shoot #2 (January 7, 2021) for Mojo magazine[]

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Shoot #3 (November 19, 2023) for "Take Me Home, Country Roads"[]

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