Bryan Adams is a Canadian rock singer, actor, and photographer who photographed Lana Del Rey during February, 2012 in London, United Kingdom. The photos were featured as the cover and editorial for the summer 2012 issue of Zoo magazine. He photographed her again later in 2012.

Shoot #1 (February, 2012) for Zoo magazineEdit

  • Camera – Phase One P45+
  • Location – London, United Kingdom
  • Stylist – Johnny Blueeyes
  • Makeup artist – Pamela Cochrane (OBReperesents)
  • Hair stylist – Anna Cofone
  • Set design – Matthew Duguid (Jed Root, Inc.)
  • Photographer's assistants – Jay Clark, Jamie Gray
  • Digital technician – André Skjegstad
  • Digital imaging – Guillaume Dulermo
  1. All clothing by Armani, jewelry Lana's own

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Shoot #2 (Unknown, 2012)Edit

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