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Bob Leone is a renowned music manager and talent scout from New York City, New York. He is credited with discovering Lady Gaga in 2000 and Lana Del Rey in 2006.


On January 31, 2006, Del Rey (then performing as May Jailer) had attended a performance at The Bitter End when she noticed many singers & songwriters talking to Leone. She approached him, unaware of who he was, and the two became quickly acquainted. Two weeks later, the two met again and she performed privately for him. He was impressed with both her voice and her songwriting.[1]


After hearing her perform, he invited her to participate in a 10-week songwriting workshop sponsored by the Songwriters Hall of Fame (SHOF) from April to June of 2006. She could not afford the $180 fee, so he covered the cost for her. At the end of the workshop, she was chosen by Leone to be one of eight songwriters featured at the June 2006 SHOF New Artist Showcase. He encouraged her to begin performing and soon she was playing shows at various New York venues. He also invited her to perform at another Artists Showcase on April 6, 2007. Del Rey mentions Bob in a leaked 2007 live performance of "Disco", "Marilyn" and "For K, Pt. 2", where beforehand she remarks "I gave Bob a list of songs I was gonna play, cause he wanted one, but I'm gonna change them all up."[1]


The two have kept in contact since Del Rey has gained success. The two regularly have dinner and discuss where she is headed.[citation needed]


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