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Bill is an unconfirmed person from Lana Del Rey's past with whom it is supposed that she was romantically involved. He is addressed in songs as Bill or Billy.


Much of what is known about Bill is based around linking the songs clearly about him together. From "Driving in Cars with Boys" we can deduce that he owns a pick-up truck, and through vast assumption we can try to piece together a portrait of who he was through these connections. For example, the man in "Kinda Outta Luck" also owns a truck, which may lead some to make the connection that the subject of "Kinda Outta Luck" is Bill. The song seems to focus on a man who Del Rey meets while on-stage, starts a relationship with, then later gets rid of. Del Rey says she is on the stage as a "motel singer", however it is understood from songs like "Go Go Dancer" that Del Rey also worked as a dancer.

Further comparisons can be found if we assume that the "bill" in "Hundred Dollar Bill" has two meanings - the note and the person. The song is apparently about Del Rey's other unconfirmed lover, J, knowing about and being okay with Del Rey being a sex worker. If Del Rey worked as a stripper, and J didn't mind, and she met Bill in the bar where she worked (as is alluded to in "Kinda Outta Luck"), it seems like the two are related.

More loose connections can be made from these thoughts. For example, if Bill is the "Hundred Dollar Bill", that could also possibly make him the "Million Dollar Man"? If Bill is the subject of "Next to Me", a depressed married man who meets Del Rey at the end of a night out (potentially where she worked), this could also possibly make him the subject of "Cola" (Del Rey has confirmed she had a Harvey Weinstein kind of man in mind while making the song). The subject of "Black Beauty" is also a depressed man who doesn't appreciate the beauty of life.

Bill is directly mentioned by both Del Rey and Barrie-James O'Neill in Unidentified Flying Bill as a man who guides them both to the beach to watch UFOs and witness miracles.

It is entirely possible that Bill is a fictional character that Del Rey has constructed, accidentally or not, through her lyrics.

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