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Lana Del Rey
Writer(s) Lana Del Rey
Dan Heath
Rick Nowels
Producer(s) Rick Nowels
Dan Heath
Recorded 2017
2013 (Demo)
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"Mary (Scared of Me)" (originally titled "Ave Maria") is an unreleased song by Lana Del Rey. The song has not leaked. It was produced by Dan Heath and Rick Nowels.


The song's was orignally composed by Dan Heath for Del Rey's second album, Ultraviolence, but was ultimately scrapped. Del Rey revisited the song in 2017 with Rich Knoebels for the Lust for Life sessions, though the song was again scrapped.


In the bedroom of Bekim is where she lies
Mary cries that she will never be called the serene queen
She has been thinking about how much she wants to die
Come here bitch I'll show you what true sadness means

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary in my mirror
Afraid in the corner
But not me, I'm a winner
Mary scared of me
Bitch I'm gonna fucking kill you

Hail Mary
Oooh, oooh, oooh