Cover 22331612112009.jpg
Producer(s) Vangelis
Recorded 1976
Length 4:30

"Albedo 0.39" is a song by Greek electronic composer Vangelis, from his 1976 concept album of the same title.

Association with Lana Del Rey[edit | edit source]

Del Rey used the song as an interlude during her 2016 Festival Tour performances. The track played onstage right before she performed "Honeymoon" at each show.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Maximum distance from the sun: 94 million 537 thousand miles
Minimum distance from the sun: 91 million 377 thousand miles
Mean distance from the sun: 92 million 957 thousand and 200 miles
Mean Orbital velocity: 66000 miles per hour
Orbital eccentricity: 0.017
Obliquity of the ecliptic: 23 degrees 27 minutes 8.26 seconds
Length of the tropical year: equinox to equinox 365.24 days
length of the sidereal year: fixed star to fixed star 365.26 days
Length of the mean solar day: 24 hours and 3 minutes and 56.5555 seconds at mean solar time
Length of the mean sidereal day: 23 hours and 56 minutes and 4.091 seconds at mean sederial time
Mass: 6600 milion milion milion tons
Equatorial diameter: 7927 miles
Polar diameter: 7900 miles
Oblateness: one 298th
Density: 5.41
Mean surface gravitational acceleration of the rotating earth: 32.174 feet per second per second
Escape velocity: 7 miles per second

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