Lana Del Rey Wiki

This page lists information on Lana Del Rey's activities during May, 2019.

May 17[]

Del Rey released her cover of "Doin' Time" by Sublime as a single worldwide.

May 21[]

Del Rey was photographed by Ben Duggan alongside model Chase Stogel (@chasestogel).

May 22[]

Del Rey attended Churchome in Los Angeles, California with friends Annie (@itsanniet) and Sarah (@skirtsandsuits).

May 24[]

Del Rey tweeted clips of the ending water scene from the "Freak" music video captioned "Ah to make art simply for the beauty of it" (@LanaDelRey).[1][2] She later posted them on Instagram (@lanadelrey) with the caption "I had a vision".[3]

Jack Antonoff posted a photo of Del Rey on Instagram (@jackantonoff).[4]

May 25[]

Del Rey shared a selfie to Instagram (@lanadelrey). The caption read "St Christopher charms in hopes of not wiping out this Memorial Day 馃イ".[5]

May 27[]

Del Rey posted a series of photos to Instagram (@lanadelrey), she captioned them "Thinking of everyone who gave their lives in service for us to have the freedom to enjoy this beautiful weekend. 馃嚭馃嚫"[6]

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