This page lists information on聽Lana Del Rey's activities during April, 2019.

April 3 Edit

Del Rey shared a snippet of an unknown song from her upcoming album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, on Instagram (@lanadelrey).[1]

She later attended Churchome in Los Angeles, California with friends Annie (@itsanniet) and Sarah (@skirtsandsuits).

April 8 Edit

Del Rey had dinner with friends in Los Angeles, California.

April 12 Edit

Del Rey posted a selfie and changed her profile picture on Instagram (@lanadelrey).[2] She captioned it with a poem from Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass.

April 14 Edit

Del Rey spent the afternoon with friends celebrating the upcoming Easter holiday.

April 16 Edit

Del Rey was spotted at a caf茅 in Los Angeles, California.

April 17 Edit

Del Rey out and about shopping on Melrose Place in West Hollywood, California.

April 19 Edit

Del Rey shared a photo with friends on Instagram (@lanadelrey), the caption read "Real housewives of West Hollywood Happy Easter !!!!馃悾".[3]

She then posted a photo of Charlie, captioned "Char".[4]

April 21 Edit

Del Rey with Chuck and friends celebrating the Easter holiday at a park in Los Angeles, California.

April 24 Edit

Del Rey posted three photos to her Instagram (@lanadelrey).[5][6][7]

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