This page lists information on Lana Del Rey's activities during December, 2017.

December 2Edit

Del Rey was photographed by Austin Hargrave at the Malibu Canyon Ranch in Calabasas, California for Billboard magazine.

December 4Edit

Del Rey, Jared Leto and Alessandro Michelle filmed some content for Gucci in Los Angeles, California. One of the images was later tweeted by Lana on December 9th.

December 16Edit

Del Rey was photographed by Victor Demarchelier for C California Style Magazine.

Behind the scenesEdit

December 17Edit

Del Rey with fans at the Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles, California.

December 23Edit

Del Rey was spotted out in Los Angeles, California with her sister, Chuck Grant.

December 25Edit

Del Rey tweeted a photo of her sister, Chuck Grant with "馃". [1] (@LanaDelRey)

December 26Edit

Del Rey met fans (employees) while shopping at Best Buy in Los Angeles, California.

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